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Welcome to Business Betch ! 

If this is your first time visiting Business Betch I want to start out by saying THANK YOU for visiting my blog.

Starting ANY kind of business is NOT EASY. Anyone who claims otherwise is full of it. 

About six years ago when I started my first blog, I was overwhelmed with the endless parade of sugar-coated resources available ( or as I like to say, gold-plated BS ). It took me years of trial and error, and massive mistakes to learn about online business and entrepreneurship. It takes time and patience, and only those that stick with it will make sh*t happen.

Friends and family have urged me to start this website with my no BS / no fluff approach to entrepreneurship, blogging, and online business. 

(Plus these are topics I cannot shut up about.. probably best for me to direct it towards a niche instead of annoy my family, right?)

So here it is… 

I "doughnut" like sugar coating 😉


  • Start a blog and monetize it (after becoming confused AF from "information overload").
  • Start a side hustle and transition to something that might actually become full-time.
  • Say "Adios!" to the whole 9 to 5 life.
  • Merge passion with business and create a life filled with purpose. Start building a life that works for YOU!
  • Reap the benefits of your own labor.
  • Wake up feeling FULFILLED ready to take on the day.

Just a heads up…… THERE’S A LOT TO READ past this point. 

for six years i lied to myself

From the outside it looked like I was happy. Yet, I was so miserable. 

I was burnt out. I was sleeping 4 – 5 hours a night, I wasn’t taking care of my health, I was working my butt off for someone else’s benefit. A heartless company profited from my hard labor as they sucked the energy out of me. 

Most of us don’t realize that we are lying to ourselves on a daily basis, by mindlessly continuing our day to day routine. We don’t listen to our gut instinct. When something FEELS wrong … IT MIGHT ACTUALLY BE WRONG. 

That feeling at the back of your neck or between your shoulder bones, the bad taste in your mouth, that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Feelings of dread. I woke up having these feelings every morning. I wasn’t LISTENING to my inner voice telling me something was wrong.

what the hell was i thinking?

The problem was complacency. I was afraid of change. A “9 to 5” was all I had ever known.

I thought I had to follow my parents 9 to 5 example. I thought I needed to “woMAN up” and start acting like an adult.

Then I came to realize this…. 

When you work for someone else, you are dispensable no matter how experienced and knowledgeable you are. All your hard work and energy is going to line someone else’s pocket.  

Having your own business and working for yourself allows you to reap all the rewards earned by all your energy and hard work. The success is all yours to enjoy.


Does this sound like you?

My mission is to inspire others to turn their passion into a fulfilling business instead of working just to live. Life is meant to be LIVED.

Let me ask you this question: If you were to die tomorrow, would you feel fulfilled? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to in your life? Did you make a difference in someone else’s life? ( Gettin’ deep here!).

One year ago I asked myself these questions. My answer was a big hard NO! I WAS DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I was doing the whole “9 to 5” repetitive sh*t everyday but I was letting work take over my personal life as well. My “free” time was all about work. I was not LIVING… I was WORKING my life away. 

We spend an average of 90,000 hours in our lifetime working at a job that most of us aren’t passionate about. The search for purpose or passion is stuck on the back burner. And that’s a BIG problem.

We need to break out of complacency by embracing change.  

I want this website to be your go-to place. I don’t want entrepreneurship to be just another dream, or one of those “some day” thoughts. I want you to tell that inner voice of self doubt to STFU.

Is this for you? Is this really possible?

That’s up to you. I’m not going to feed you lies. Only YOU can make yourself do sh*t and follow through and accomplish your goals. 

YOU have the answers inside of YOU.

YOU are the only one who is capable of turning your passion into a business that supports you not only financially, but mentally and emotionally as well.

All I can say is that it is possible to merge passion with business because I’VE DONE IT. I surround myself with others who have started businesses as well. The main ingredients are drive, dedication, determination, grit, and YOU. But you also need to have a good support system in place.



STARTING A BUSINESS CAN TEST you in so many ways

Creating a business tests you. It tests your relationships, your strengths, your motivation levels. 

It’s a learning experience that will cause your emotions on a roller coaster ride.

Most importantly, you have to learn how to tell SELF DOUBT TO STFU.  You need to be able to recognize when feelings from past, present, or future surface and  interfere with your ability to carry out your vision.

You came to this website for a reason and your interest should be an indicator that you’re ready to start a business or start a blog that will eventually become a business.

But..AREN'T there already a bunch of people blogging about the same thing ?


Not unless there’s a exact carbon copy of YOU.

There’s always going to be competition but the beauty of starting your own business is that it involves YOU. What differentiates your business/blog from others is YOU. You can start a business on the same subject but have a completely different approach than your competition. One customer might choose your business or your blog over another because they feel they can relate to YOU and what you stand for.

When it comes down to it.. it’s YOUR VOICE. You are YOU and no one can replicate YOU. No one has the same voice as YOU. 

Woah. That’s a lot of “YOU”. But moral of my long-ass story is that your voice is more important than you think. 

What should my blog be about?


What is your expertise? What do people come to you for? What do you read about or research in your spare time? What interests you? And most importantly what are you PASSIONATE about?

Don’t choose something just because there may be more money in it. People can smell BS, and also SEE passion radiate. Chasing money only lasts so long. But passion is what keeps you driven.


what passion feels like

How do you know if it’s passion and not just expertise?

Passion feels like a spark, a flame. Almost like you had a significant amount of caffeine ( but not to the point where you’re getting all shaky). It feels like you’re about to vomit rainbows. It might even be something that you are eager to talk about or something you constantly talk about (and it annoys your friends and family members to death).

At least that’s how passion feels to me. 

There's a reason why this blog is called Business Betch

Frustrated, annoyed, angry was how I felt after opening 3 browser windows with 25 tabs each. 

Yes, approx. 75 “resources” stuffed with keywords and affiliate links.

 All I wanted to do was start a damn blog and find information on how to start a business. 

There was way too much information and I had to DIG for advice.

 I wanted a strait simple answer to a damn question and all I got was FLUFF. 

It was overwhelming. It made me feel like giving up.


Years of trial and error, mistake after mistake, I eventually learned.

I was tired of the fluff, sugar-coating, gold-plated BS. All of it. 

I’d had enough.

So I decided to do something about it.

 I started this blog. 

Because there is a better way.

And of course, the “E” in BETCH is for ENTREPRENEUR… duh!

What topics does business betch cover?

Business Betch covers everything from online business and blogging, to the entrepreneurship lifestyle.

Other topics may include:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Side hustles (because that’s how this started)
  • Sh*t to help you stay motivated
  • Real stories from real people 
  • And so much more! 

Have something you want me to write about? You can always contact me! 

who is business betch?

Have you ever noticed that when some people introduce themselves, the first thing they talk about is their job? Almost like their job defines them? Screw that. I’m just going to tell you a couple of random things about me.

I’m Kelsey.

 In a nutshell, I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who loves learning and teaching others. 

I coach new entrepreneurs.

I’m not actually a “betch” but I speak fluent sarcasm. You can catch me lounging around in Wildfox clothing since that brand pretty much speaks my language. 

I previously ran a blog about extreme couponing and saving money. Then I realized my true calling was teaching others about blogging and online business. 

I love experimenting with various types of side hustles.

I have a highly analytical background. I was formerly a Sales & Operations Planning Analyst in the fashion industry for 3 major fashion corporations. 

I buy a majority of my clothing from resellers online, because not only does it save the environment, it actually supports other entrepreneurs! (Click HERE to read my article about it)

 To pay for this blog, I resell clothing and accessories through Poshmark, Mercari, Ebay, Thred Up, The Real Real, and Tradesy.

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We get one chance to leave a legacy, to make our mark on this world. Please don't let complacency and self doubt control you.
Don't let it hold you back. We need more people like YOU to bring good vibes to the online community.
Never doubt yourself and your abilities.
Someone out there needs YOU.
- Business Betch